Altered Beast

October 28, 2009

All fans of oldies games will be happy to accommodate this on Altered Beast bobox their worship.

Putting ourselves in the shoes of a powerful warrior resurrected by Zeus himself, our goal is to free the daughter of the god of thunder from the hands of the demon lord Neff.

So for five mini level that you have to destroy part of absolutely everything in our path, between two-headed dog, ram boxer, or flying gargoyle, Altered Beast offers a bestiary inspire Greek mythology while adding his own touch of ridicule.

To reach us overthrow the boss waiting at the end of each level of the orbits of powers are to retrieve the white dog with two heads from time to time in the level. The first orb you will get more muscle, the second will make you look like Rambo in anger and the last and decisive orb will transform you into an animal murderer.
Depending on the level where you are, the animal will change, as well as its capacity.
The werewolf may then send a kick sweeping circular screen and the enemies therein, the dragon may have robbed and create a kind of lightning surrounding it, or the bear will whisper to transform his enemies into stone.
In other words, the concept of transforming the character into an animal destructive adds more to the game and it would have bitten his head right into the wall if this circumstance would not have attended.

Altered Beast

Regarding the gameplay, we must get into their heads that the game is primarily a tribute to the first version released in 1989.
The handling is not comparable with current games but is still fun. We can therefore move on, move right or left, make a small jump or make a jump more impressive in taking the cross directional upward.
To respect the struggles of our warrior without processing, it comes down to two buttons, punch or kick that can be achieved on the ground, standing or in the air, adding a special technique is quite difficult to take over.

Graphically, the game seems to have suffered a slight touch from the first version and must therefore possess the finest scenery but very far from revolutionary.

To conclude, Altered Beast on Xbox unlimited is a game where the goal is to do is redo the levels to achieve the highest score possible.
Having to pay to be able to obtain it is very unfortunate because the game will end in a quarter of an hour and players happy to start the online will be disappointed to see that this person is on the multiplayer game .


Saint Row

October 28, 2009

The love of a gang of prices paid, prepare your gun man, left the church we used HQ, steals the car from the old corner and started to do everything fart.

Those in this spirit that the team Volition has launched as a challenge to make a GTA-like that can rival the famous license Grand Theft Auto.

Place bet? …

In launching the game, we s’aperçois the game despite all its own innovations. We will therefore right in the game to have a character out of our imagination, the choice on a lot of point as the size of the nose, the spacing of the eyes or even the shape of the skull, this step proves to be very detailed and pleasant.

As concerns the scenario, it simply directs a member of the Saints, gang controlling the Third Street Saints, a district of the city of Stillwater. The leader of our gang gives us aims to rid the entire city of three other gang sharing the city, from beginning to end the game our goal will be to monitor all areas of the city to extend our domination. In other words, the script and a huge copy paste from the San Andreas, much less exciting, lack of rebounding and boring, it deviates very quickly.

The game benefiting the transition to the new generation, it is gratifying way of providing a texture treated large positive gender. San Andreas is not a beautiful game it was for me even at the level of ability PS2, Saints Row him enjoy realistic light effect, very good modeling of characters and of course HAVOK physics engine providing a high dose realism.

Many things are possible in the game and the developer was put in place a system we impose the performance of activities with offices missions annexes.
Thus, for each main tasks carried out wanting to be a bar compliance shall be completed, and therefore those performing these activities your bar will increase compliance.
These activities are quite varied, not mind it too much progress in the game, you can do activities such as the Mac Dames, which involve the removal of prostituting to macs to restore or go to other people, the chaos or you should do the most damage in a time limit, or that of insurance fraud, my preference, whose role is to pretend to hurt each car going to rate you.

Also in this concern the possibility that the title, he must know it is much less rich than in our beloved San Andreas.
We will therefore go to the hairdresser at the tattooist, rob stores at night fall or buy new clothes that you will earn more respect if the coat is the color of your gang. However, the game does not offer a two wheel vehicle, helicopter, boat, it will also be impossible to visit the seabed. All you can do in terms of transport, will take four-wheel gear, the game suddenly became much less free than in GTA.

Regarding life, Saints Row has enough charm had the obligation to make a considerable number of activities in order to advance the main storyline. If however you plan to complete all activities in this town, you could of ore and you already barricaded home.


Saint Row


Offering gameplay done well, by the selection of weapons with which the Stick, the game will be fairly intuitive controls for use with ease. Driving is trying very arcade, it wants very handy and nice. Although the game to work to achieve a degree of control the level of ATM, the team at Volition hit hard by finally proposing a successful GTA-like boasting is not named GTA. Saints Row is a fun game, it might attract the attention of many players pausing between two shootings in the streets of san andreas to discover that of Stillwater.


Def Jam ICON

October 28, 2009

After the first two episodes achieving excellent success, the Def Jam series returns with this new episode carrying marking a new generation succeeded.
Baston rappers of all kinds and friction of platinum to the rendezvous.

Def Jam Icon

Def Jam icon then landed on our fair console with a challenge of size, to succeed his older brothers égalet little or perhaps even do better. Still, the rappers of his label Def Jam back for another session distribution of mandalas.

The main adventure game mode called “get a label,” is to embody an agent involved in the success of its rappers. Noticed by a fight in a bar, the representatives of the famous label therefore propose to work for him.

You are now in an apartment, an apartment is not really friendly but the goal of the game is changing, this change in this apartment palace late in the game, you also have a computer useful for you to consult your many messages and track the progress of your rappers in terms of music.

Just made your marks, you are already resolving many problems of your first rappers, from a fan who harassed and caprice that you request, the Def Jam rappers never let you relax, and you can choose to any amount they ask for them or not, the choice affecting a gauge of confidence for each rappers.

After reading all your messages, directing you to the card and choose which mission accomplished. The scenario which only sets to give a reason to fight, is still significant, among the few cutscenes and information page it this guided without too much difficulty.

As concerns the design aspect, Def Jam Icon is doing quite well. It will therefore be entitled to enjoy modeling rappers and especially good modlisation clothes you can changerpendant the course of the game. Without being exceptional, the diffrentes arnes up the game are quite nice and rich animations. Same for the soundtrack which is very involved and will delight the crazy rap, but disappoint others.

Offering an interaction with the impressive decor and entertainment very successful. Def Jam Icon’s successful transition to the new generation of very beautiful way. Not equal those big brothers, the game still vanlent of being a véréitable défouloir and proposes a control system of the plates aside from simple fighting game nag.


Fifa 09

October 28, 2009

Here is the test of fifa 09. Yes it is a game whose result is already marketed, but knowing that the consequences are not real revolution, those who perhaps want to take fifa 09 at lower price may find them happy in this test .

Fifa 09

Today is my first match as a professional. I’m in the hallway with my teammates and my opponents. Suddenly the two returning captains on the field, I am with my legs trembling. At the exit of the corridor, I looked up and saw the huge stands bathed in sunlight. Hundreds of screaming encourage us, thousands of eyes watching us waiting for a victory. I suddenly have an adrenaline rush, my heart gets carried away when the referee whistles finally kick off …

Start with the achievements of the series. Licenses First, more than twenty-five leagues in attendance (including the Premier League, Bundes Liga, Spanish La Liga, Calcio, League 1 and League 2), as usual the real names of players ( So no Yoann Gourcaff, Karim Benzima or even Franck Ribiry) and the real shirts with their sponsors. The main stages are also present as the Anfield Stadium, Camp Nou or the Allianz Arena even if we regret the absence of the Stade de France.

Regarding the different game modes, there are the traditional career mode that displays your coaching career over 15 seasons. Become Pro Mode which allows to embody a single player, already present in Fifa 08 I tell you, yes it’s true but this mode is now playable in 4 full seasons are ending participation in the World Cup. And the online mode is playing in Game 2 until normal or 20 in game become pro. And just to note though is that independent developers, the fact that some players may leave the games online anytime without having to count as a defeat rather infuriating when you lead and largely lack the adversary fair play decides to end the game.

To continue to build on the achievements of the series, talking about the soundtrack. Still made by the duo Hervé Mathoux / Franck Sauzée, comments are of excellent quality, an effort has been made particularly in stories that are more numerous. The chants of the fans and the atmosphere in the stadiums are always so captivating, the fans respond well to actions taken on the ground. Note still some phrases in their context, eg “It is now 5 to 1 at the scoreboard” when the score is only 4-1, m’enfin we will not haggle for that sports commentators are wrong also in reality.

Realism is also increasingly present in each installment of the series and the Fifa Fifa 09 is no exception to the rule. The movements are fluid despite dribbling clamped to 8 positions. The physical players is taken into account, a player of great template will therefore not too difficult to retrieve the ball when it is the fight with a player and small. Regarding the fallen of the ball after a release is no longer the player to whom necessarily will get the ball, timing is also important to see the placement. As usual shoveled a technical moves, some of which are attainable only by a few players are available. Regarding the difficulty, Fifa 09 adapts to your level of difficulty from amateur level legend knowing that it is also possible to enable or disable support (with assists, shooting, ext …) . It is also possible to customize the tactics of his team by setting a lot of settings, although I must admit I have not used this function.

And to finish in style, talking about the graphics. On this plan, largely supplanting Electronic Arts competition. Personally the first time I played the game (demo so on) I was amazed by the graphics including close-ups where you can really see all the work done by EA. Of course there’s always a catch, and it is in the modeling of the players, some are successful as Benzema while others like Nasri is quite impossible to recognize.